Clean and Maintain Your Gutters

The gutters may be out of sight most of the times, but this does not mean that they should be out of mind as well. Gutters play an important role in the structural integrity of our houses and keeping them clean and in good shape is a way of avoiding potential costs of repair. Gutters serve only one purpose, which is draining rainwater off the roof and directing it into the drain runway or a water tank. When we neglect them, they become clogged and this may end up causing a lot of effects to our homes. Below are some reasons why we should clean our gutters. Just a note here, if you happen to be one of the many, many homeowners who find themselves short on time when it comes doing tasks such as cleaning and maintaining the gutters. This is a perfect task to call and hire a handyman to come in and take care of it.

To avoid creating nesting areas insects and birdsWhen the gutters get clogged with dirt, birds end up finding their way inside and building up their nests in them. When rainwater from the roof runs through these nests, the nests end up blocking the gutter spaces preventing the water from the roofing from draining. This may cause the water to stagnate on the roof, which may end up spoiling the roofing. Stagnant water also makes a good breeding place for some insects such as mosquitoes. This may lead to infections such as Malaria.

Maintains the value and beauty of the houseGutters improve the structural integrity of our houses, and also give the house a beautiful look. If we maintain them in good shape and clean them frequently, damages will not occur , which means the beauty of the house will remain.

Prevents water pollutionAt some homes, gutters are used to direct the water collected from the roofs into the tank. When they are neglected, the dirt that clogs may end up finding its way into the tank when the water from the roof flows through the gutters. If there was clean water in the tank, the dirty water ends up polluting it.

How to clean the GuttersCleaning the gutters only involves a few steps. Below are the key steps involved;

Dress appropriately and wear protective gear to avoid injuries and excess dirt on your clothes. You will need some rubbers shoes which will prevent you from treading while climbing. You also need an apron or a long-sleeved shirt to prevent your clothes from catching dirt.

Use a ladder to climb to the gutters positions. An extendable ladder is recommended here and in order to avoid destroying the gutters, stand-off stabilizers are required.

Remove the dirt – By use of small plastic scoop, remove the gunk in the gutters till they are clean. To avoid messing up your backyard, collect the dirt into a plastic tarp and finally dump it into the dust bin.

Flush the gutters – When you are done with the cleaning process, use a garden horse to flush the gutters and downspouts. This enables you to clean any remaining dirt and also to spot any leakages on the gutter.

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Home Improvement Contractors

Home remodeling is used to bring new life to a home. This task
can be an overwhelming process for your family. To relieve some of the stress,
here are the things you may want to discuss with the home improvement
contractors. This way, you can make plans to ensure that your stress over the
remodel is as low as possible.

One item that should be up for discussion with the home
improvement contractors is the type of chaos that will result from the
remodelling project. This includes the items that are going to have to be shut
off during the project, such as the water and electricity. If you intend on
living in your home during the remodel, you should know the approximate times
that certain systems are going to be unavailable. If you need prior notice of
these services going offline, you need to tell your contractors to warn you
before work occurs. Often, these items are shut off during the demolition phase
for safety reasons.

Another item that should be discussed is the estimated work
period of the project. This will help you determine how long you need to keep
your children and pets away from the construction zone. Since the construction
zone is dangerous, a schedule can be worked out to help distract children
during the period the project is being worked on. This will help ensure that
they stay safe during the process.

The storage of materials is another item to discuss with the
Remodeling Contractors. Since these materials and tools are often delivered early

on in the project and are costly items, you should decide where the materials can 

be safely stored. If you don’t have adequate space or secure space in which to

store it, this should be discussed with the contractors to determine the best
space to the store the materials. Also, delivery times should be discussed to
help minimize storage issues.


Here are five points that you should take care to find the right
assistance when improving your home.

Make a list of all the improvements that you need to carry out.
Discuss with your wallpaper hanging contractor how you want everything to
appear after it is all finished.

Research is one of the most important steps in deciding the
right home improvement contractor. You can save a lot of time, money and energy
if you find a service provider with accreditation from the licensing boards.

Ask people from the immediate circle who have used the services
of the home improvement industry and are happy with the results. You can also
ask for references of former clients during your research.

Most contractors today provide free estimates. Contact different
home improvement contractors for a free estimate and full price quote.

If the contractor has proof of some insurance, then it is safe.
Most reputable contractors provide insurance provision to their customers to
avoid any unforeseen expenses.

With so many home improvement contractors making a beeline, it
is important that you narrow down your options and decide whom you want to work
with. You can find out the best professional service provider keeping in mind
their availability, price and client testimonials.

These are a few items to discuss with the home improvement
contractors. Since the remodelling process can be stressful, you should take
the time to discuss any concerns ahead of time.


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